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Since its establishment, Arlon has been keeping its customer demands and expectations in the forefront and acting with the duty awareness that will meet these expectations in the best way.

Market in Turkey, starting with yarn and activities in the home textile sector growing rapidly in Arlon, Turkey is the world opened upholstery fabrics, drapery and by constantly updating its 20 years of experience in the spinning sector, technological developments closely monitor R & D activities and renewed emphasis on environment has a structure.

Arlon, which adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, offers solutions tailored to individual and individual customer demands in line with the diversity of its customer portfolio by bringing solution-oriented approach and quality products to its customers in the most accurate way.

Arlon, operating in stock sales system in Fabric and Yarn product groups, is a solution partner providing domestic and international customers with its wide product range by performing domestic production with its latest technology machines and integrated system.

Acting on the principle of developing high quality manpower in the sector and ensuring its permanence; by making the necessary arrangements for its employees to develop themselves and to realize their potential, it makes production without compromising quality with this principle, discipline and foresight.

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